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  25 Nov 2016

Arrowbear Lake

33045 Hilltop Boulevard  Arrowbear, California 92382      (Non Emergency) 909.867.3479


Proudly Serving The Community Since 1953


Arrowbear Lake Fire Department Station 271 is a paid-call firehouse. Our station is generally an unmanned station. Our paid-call firefighters (PCF's) carry pagers and radios that alert them to medical aids, traffic accidents, public assists, or any other type of call that our station may be toned out for. Our firefighters are ordinary people, from many different backgrounds and experiences that have full-time jobs, attend college, have families, and participate in sports programs that live, work and play in our local community. We are a dedicated group of individuals that have a common drive and desire that share a collective goal to give back to our community through dynamic, regimented weekly training and response to calls for service from the community. All of our members are certified through the State of California and County of San Bernardino as Firefighter's, Emergency Medical Responders, and or Emergency Medical Technicians.

Our firefighters train and work side-by-side with local, County, State and Federal agencies on incidents that range from medical aids to vegetation /wildland fires in our local mountains and everything in-between. At a moments notice, once our pagers activate, we respond to the firehouse, gear up, and respond to the emergency. We respond 24/7, 365 days a year. Our crew members drop whatever they are doing at a moment's notice to respond to the call for service. Our firehouse receives, on average, two hundred calls for service per year.

If you are interested in becoming a PCF with our department, please click the link below for a .PDF application. No previous fire or medical training is required (you will receive all necessary fire and EMS training and certification from ABLFD prior to responding to calls) Our department is an excellent way for one to give back to the community and to gain valuable on the job experience for someone that is considering a career in the EMS or FIRE field as a career.


About Arrowbear Lake Fire Department Station 271

If, after reviewing the following "about us page" you would like to submit an application, please scroll to the bottom of this page, print the blank .PDF form, and you can either:

A) Fill the application out in its entirety, sign / date, and scan, then email to


B) Fill the application out in its entirety and attend one of our weekly drills / training at station 271 held every Thursday at 6:30PM (33045 Hilltop Boulevard Arrowbear, 92382)