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Q: Why am I required to have a burn permit if I am on private property?

A: Burn Permits are issued along with fire safety educational material as well as

helpful tips for having a safe fire outdoors. Due to the past and current historical drought conditions that have plauged Southern California communities, it is extremely imparitive that certain atmospheric conditions are met prior to having an outdoor fire.

When embers from firepits escape and land into nearby parched vegetation, combined with low relative humidity and a small breeze, a tiny ember can turn into a forest fire in a matter of minutes costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Educating the public on fire safety and proper extinguishment of a fire, among other topics is the goal of requiring members of the public to obtain these permits. Our focus through education is the prevention of a devastating wildfire in our community.

Q: What is the cost of a burn permit?

A: Burn Permits do not cost residents to obtain.

Q: If I'm having a campfire in my backyard, am I required to obtain a burn permit?

A: If you are burning any type of wood in an outdoor setting within our jurisdiction , you must first obtain a burn permit from CalFire in Running Springs.

Q: Where do I obtain a burn permit?

A: Running Springs Fire Station 51 houses a CalFire crew; Permits can be obtained by residents during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Station 51 is located at 31250 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs, 92382

33045 Hilltop Boulevard  Arrowbear, California 92382      (Non Emergency) 909.867.3479


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Q: Who can I call if I have a question regarding a burn permit?

A: If your question is of a non-emergency nature, you can contact Station 271 at

(909) 867 - 3479 or the Running Springs Fire Department both during normal business hours.

San Bernardino County, California